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Salesforce Trailhead

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM software, offering the very best apps for every stage of the customer journey, from lead to loyalty. MusQueteer has experienced Salesforce implementation experts in-house to help you implement Salesforce for your organization. To help your organization grow and get the most out of Salesforce, we’d like to introduce you …

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Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein: boost your CRM with AI

You can hardly avoid AI (Artificial Intelligence) anymore. A great recent example is OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot, in which access to AI is becoming a little easier and more personal again. But AI is also increasingly being used in everyday applications. So too in Salesforce, where the AI feature is quite appropriately called “Einstein. Salesforce Einstein …

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Balanceren Privacy en Sales

Balancing Privacy and Sales

We are all human beings who need a certain amount of privacy, but at the same time we don’t want to be bothered with clutter that we don’t need. We only want to be presented with information that is applicable and of value to us. Therein lies the paradox.